Rental Homes: Better Than Hotels?

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Renting an entire vacation home at a ski or beach resort this winter for your family or a group of friends may offer cheaper, more spacious, and more luxurious lodging than renting several hotel rooms.

Rental Homes: Better Than Hotels?

Experts in the field of vacation rentals say the only reason more families do not explore booking a house or condo is that they are not fully aware of the great value and superior amenities and comfort that such homes offer.

Too many families believe that vacation homes are too expensive for them to rent, say the experts, but once they have a good experience cost, while still a factor, is not as important as the quality of the experience.

“About 85 percent of North Americans” surveyed recently by a major online travel booking site said they had never stayed in a vacation home, says Rick Fisher. He’s the president of Vacation Home Expo, a consumer show devoted to condo, villa and vacation home rentals that will take place in Atlanta next April. It will be the first such show to be staged in a major metropolitan area.

“It is analogous to the cruise industry,” Fisher said, noting that most North American tourists surveyed have never taken a trip on a cruise ship.

The cost of renting a luxury home in a ski area such as Deer Valley Resort in Utah or near Disney World Orlando, Florida is very favorable in comparison to the cost of booking hotels rooms. For instance, the cost of a single deluxe room at the Stein Ericksen Lodge in Deer Valley, one of the most upscale ski areas in the U.S. next February would cost at least $805 per night or $2400 for a three-night vacation, or well over $7,000 for three rooms.

However there are four-bedroom “platinum” rental houses and condos in the heart of Deer Valley that are priced from about $1000 to $1200 per night or about 3,600 for the same three-night stay. Not only is the price less expensive, but the luxury condos and homes typically come with a full gourmet kitchen, a family room and a home theater system.

The same sort of value can be found by going to a site such as and comparing the cost of a first class hotel room in Orlando with a four or five-bedroom luxury vacation home with a private pool close to attractions such as Disney World, notes Fisher.

Vacation home insiders have learned that in a popular place such as Orlando, you can find four-bedroom luxury homes for less than $1,000 a week when you rent directly from the owner via the Internet.


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