Rio Olympic Dive Pool Turns Green, Many Blames Algae

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The Olympic dive pool turned greenish during the women’s synchronized 10m diving final. With the event on the way the water appeared murkier. One day before the final the water was blue.

Rio Olympic Dive Pool Turns Green, Many Blames Algae

According to experts the color transformation was due to the algae in the water. The pool was warmer and this is something preferred by algae.

The neighboring pool was blue.

Meanwhile, the Olympic chiefs too admitted the green color of the pool was due to presence of algae in the water.

Rio 2016 Olympic Games spokesman Mario Andrada said the green color was due to a proliferation of algae.

He added, “This was because of heat and a lack of wind. We did all the chemical tests.”

The aquatic centre of the city is an outdoor arena and warmer temperature turned it to be a breeding ground for algae. The sunlight and its ultra violet light results with the breaking down of chlorine-based disinfectants and it evaporate.

UK Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group representative Ralph Riley said, “It needs the chlorine disinfectant to be clear, bright, blue and sparkling, so if it’s not there, the water could become discoloured.”

Some experts blame the green color to be due to the corrosion of pipes that released either iron ions or copper.

University of Reading microbiologist Nathaniel Storey said the possibilities are due to algae or due to copper in the water.

Storey added, “If the pools aren’t adequately treated then an algal bloom can form… Algal spores can be brought in by wind and rain.”

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