Safety Tips for Solo Women Travel

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Female travellers have to pay attention to safety issues their male counterparts don’t need to consider, especially when travelling in parts of the world where local women never travel alone. The idea of travelling alone can be scary, but while there are places that are not recommended for lone women travellers, there is no need for paranoia: with some common sense and pre-trip research travelling alone is not just possible but also fun.

Pre-Trip Research and Knowing What to Wear

Researching the destination before going, learning about its culture and traditions, respecting local dress code and being aware of cultural do’s and don’ts are all ways to make travel safer and to enrich the travel experience. Learning a few words of the local language helps to connect with local women.

In many countries, especially in South Asia and the Middle East, women dress much more conservatively than in Europe or North America. Knowing what to wear can save a woman traveller from a lot of hassle and reduce sexual harassment which, unfortunately, is common in many parts of the world.

How to Travel Safe When Travelling Alone

It is a good idea to stay in touch with someone back home and to keep them updated on travel plans. When venturing out alone in a foreign destination it also makes sense to let someone know your plans and whereabouts, even if that someone is just a hotel staff member of or a fellow traveller.

Many female travellers try to avoid arriving in a new destination after dark. Even experienced travellers often book at least the first night’s accommodation in advance, possibly in a hotel that offers an airport pick-up service. Pre-paid taxi counters at airports and train stations are highly recommended and are much safer than hailing down an unlicensed taxi on the street at night.

In many countries local women never travel on their own and a lone female traveller can be seen as a fair target for sexual harassment. For safety reasons many women travellers never let anyone know they’re alone. Some women wear a fake wedding ring, some invent an imaginary husband who is waiting just around the corner.

Keeping an Eye on Travel Warnings and Local Situation

In some parts of the world safety situation can change fast. Political demonstrations and street violence can kick off incredibly quickly and security can deteriorate rapidly. Official government travel warnings can give an idea of current situation in the destination and highlight possible problems that may arise. Local newspapers, travel websites and other travellers can provide up-to-date information on particular destinations.

Getting Travel Tips From Other Women Travellers

There are some great websites written by and for solo women travellers. Journeywoman is one of the best-known websites for female travellers and publishes travel advice written by women around the world, ranging from safety tips for travel in South America to discussions on what to wear when backpacking in Asia.


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