Saudi Arabia issues public decency norms to foreign tourists

April 22, 2023 1:07 pm50 commentsViews: 115

Saudi Arabia has identified nineteen public decency to be followed a day after the kingdom was opened up to foreign tourists.

Saudi Arabia issues public decency norms to foreign tourists

According to interior ministry, fines would be imposed for the violations of such public decency that includes public displays of affection and immodest clothing in the ultra-conservative Islamic country.

Without specifying the list of offences the ministry said, “The new regulations require men and women to dress modestly and to refrain from public displays of affection. Women are free to choose modest clothing.”

Saudi Arabia will start issuing tourist visas and this is the first time it is doing so, pushing to diversify oil-reliant economy.

Releasing a statement the interior ministry added, “The regulations are meant to ensure that visitors and tourists in the kingdom are aware of the law relating to public behavior so that they comply with it.”

Critics however believe the kingdom would be an unlikely destination for foreign tourists as it forbids alcohol and is notorious for sex segregation too.

Tourism authority of Saudi Arabia has published an instruction in English language on its website suggesting not to wear tight fitting clothing and women should be seen with shoulders and knees covered in the public.

Opening the country for global tourists is one of the centrepieces of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Vision 2030 to pave ways for preparing the biggest Arab economy for a post-oil era.


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