Senior University Lecturer Charged In Tanzania For Insulting President Magufuli

March 17, 2023 6:33 am11 commentsViews: 241

The cybercrimes law in Tanzania is tightening up. After nine people earlier being charged a lecturer has been included in the count for insulting President John Magufuli in a WhatsApp message.


In the country insulting the president is now a criminal offense and it could lead a person to up to three years of jail or a fine of about $3,000, or both.

The strict cyberlaw was passed last year.

Magufuli is nicknamed as bulldozer for his strict policies, which has helped him earn praise from Western donors for cracking down hard on anti-corruption drives as well as minimizing government spending.

He came into power last year in November.

Opponents have regularly accused Magufuli of becoming increasingly authoritarian as he has curbed political activity and has also restricted televising of parliamentary sessions.

In the new case the police chief of the south-west Tanzanian town of Iringa, Julius Mjengi, said the lecturer was arraigned in court and was released on bail later.

Meanwhile, the senior university lecturer has denied the charges.

According to local newspaper Mwwananchi, so far ten people including students and opposition politicians have been charged across the country for insulting the president.

On the enforcement of new cybercrimes law about $500 million of funding was canceled earlier this year in March by a US aid agency for Tanzania party.


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