Shiites Religious Sites Attacked By Twin Blasts In Syrian Capital Damascus

March 19, 2023 7:54 am4 commentsViews: 60

At least forty people have been killed and 120 others wounded in twin blasts targeting Shiite Muslims near religious sites in Syrian capital Damascus.

Most of the killed are Iraqi nationals and Iraq’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed Jamal claims all the dead are from their country.

The shrines are often visited by Iraqi, Iranian and Asian Shiites.

Syrian Interior Minister Mohammed al-Shaar said the attacks targeted civilians. He was visiting the injured in local hospitals.

Ministries of both the countries condemned the attacks and called the international community to do the same for this heinous terrorist crime targeting civilian Iraqi visitors to the holy shrines.

Jamal added the world must stand against the takfiri groups who are responsible for such attacks against Shiites Muslims.

In Arabic extremist Sunni Muslims are known as Takfiri. Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS or just IS) too is termed as Takfiri by the Arabs.

The attacks were also condemned by Lebanon’s Hezbollah group and US Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Syria Ali al-Za’tari too saying targeting civilians is a terrorist act.

Meanwhile, conflicting reports have emerged about what caused the explosions. Al-Manar TV of Lebanon said two suicide attacks killed forty people while state news agency SANA reports bombs were placed near the cemetery and at least 33 people have been killed.


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