Shutdown in February means delay in tax refunds to 40m Americans

January 5, 2019 10:28 am44 commentsViews: 36

The partial government shutdown is continuing even after two weeks and there is no sign it would end soon. President Trump is not prepared to negotiate with the Congress, but does he realize what could be consequences if it extends into February. Tax refunds of more than $140 billion will either be freezed or delayed for about forty million Americans.

The normal deadline for tax returns on income earned in 2018 is April 15.

Earlier, when the shutdown started, most of the White House didn’t anticipate it could last so long. Just lately the widespread impact has been recognized.

The shutdown has impacted Departments of Homeland Security, Treasury, Commerce, Justice, Interior and State. Federal employees in hundreds and thousands are working without paycheck.

Funds cut off to the USDA and Treasury Department is learned to be hampering abilities to give food stamp or supply tax refunds.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is in need of annual funding from Congress. In September the program distributed $4.7 billion and according to report its funding has not been extended beyond January.

Agriculture Department spokesman Tim Murtaugh said, “We are currently looking at options for SNAP… The best course of action would be for Congress to pass a legitimate appropriations bill to the president to end the lapse in funding.”

The faltering of SNAP means those who are in need of food will be hurt and also the retailers where food stamps are spent.


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