Simple Mehndi Designs For Legs – Easy To Make Top 2020

mehndi designs
mehndi designs

Mehndi are very important and huge part of various cultures all over the world, from Hinduism to Islamism, everyone lady does ger their hands artsy on any chance they get. The popularity among the ladies in the west is also rapidly growing forward. With the popularity sky-rocketing, these Mehndi are becoming essential in any occasion or celebration all over the world.

Evergreen Mehndi Designs For Legs - You Can’t Take Your Eyes Off

Regardless, traditionally mehndi is famous majorly because of the hand art of henna, but there are different areas in the body where mehndi can be drawn and is brawn by many women. Be it a bride at the wedding or a Diwali celebration, along with their hands, mehndi can also be drawn on the legs.

In southeastern Asia and the mid-west, this mehndi is very popular and common but when you look at some of these mehndi designs that are on the internet, you will find out that they are very complex to make. So, here we have provided you the easiest and simple mehndi designs for legs that you can yourself draw and impress your friends and family.

Now if you are looking to get a leg mehndi and haven’t really figured out what mehndi design would be perfect for you and the occasion you are celebrating, then you have jumped at the right place as today we will providing you a short but the best list of easy mehndi designs for legs that are utterly simple to try.

Top Beautiful Easy and Simple Mehndi Designs for Foot and Legs.

  • Traditional Leg Mehndi
Traditional feet mehndi designs
Traditional Feet mehndi designs

Here are a bunch of beautiful leg mehndi designs that are very common among the bride to be. These designs are traditional and must not be conceived as old as they are some of the finest mehndi designs and they remain in trend forever, you may even call them evergreen.

  • Floral Leg Mehndi Design
Floral mehndi designs for Foot
Floral mehndi designs for legs
Floral leg mehndi designs for bridal

These are one of the easiest to make mehndi designs and they include a pattern of mehndi florals that start form you chin to your toe. You can check out some brilliant samples of floral designs down below and choose as per your needs.

  • Jaali (Net) Style Mehndi Design
Net mehndi designs for legs
Jaali mehandi designs for legs
Jaali mehndi designs for legs

As the name suggests, this type of mehndi design includes a net like pattern that is vey beautiful and attractive to look at. There is a series of marvellous patterns in the net or jaali design but keep in mind that although worth it, it does require a good sense of patience to get the best design.

  • Detailed Mehndi Design
Elaborative mehndi designs for Foot
Elaborative mehndi designs for legs
Elaborative mehndi designs for Foot

Just like the traditional mehndi designs, these are not the newest mehndi designs on this list but they are extremely popular and there is no denying that they are really beautiful mehndi design and suitable for any occasion you can possibly name.

  • Anklet Mehndi Design
Anklet Foot mehandi design
Anklet mehndi designs for legs
Anklet Feet mehndi design

If the bride to be loves anklets, there is nothing more suitable than this Anklet mehndi design. It is a minimalist mehndi design and perfect to flaunt off your flawless feet

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