Some of the best Aviation Christmas Presents

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Is someone special a pilot or aviation enthusiast? Then it would be a good idea to buy them a Christmas present related to their passion. Here are some ideas for flying gifts.

Some of the best Aviation Christmas Presents

A Pleasure Flight or Trial Flying Lesson

Most flying schools offer pleasure flights and/or trial flying lessons. It is often possible to buy gift vouchers for these flights, so that the recipient can choose the most convenient time to used the gift. It is possible to have trial lessons in an aeroplane, helicopter, or microlight, although of course the costs of these will be different.

Radio Controlled and Model Aircraft

Radio controlled aircraft are extremely popular, both with those who fly the real thing and the enthusiast. These vary from the cheap and cheerful gift to some very sophisticated aircraft which fly much like the real thing. There are also some new and interesting innovations this year, like a radio-controlled helicopter car, which will act like a car on the ground and a helicopter in the air.

Aviation Clothing

Flying jackets of all types are available, from practical ones to old-style fur trimmed leather jackets reminiscent of World War II. These can be bought for both men, women and children. It is also possible to buy T-shirts, sweatshirts, and nightwear with aviation slogans on them

Aviation Books

Flying enthusiasts will always welcome books about aviation, whether textbooks and others written to inform the reader, biographies of famous aviators, or accounts of round the world flying trips. There is a fairly new book about famous female aviators which would be welcomed by most women pilots. Most aviation catalogues have a huge choice of books.

Other Aviation Gifts

There are many other flying-related presents one can buy. Here are some more suggestions:-

Flying watches look good and often have extra information useful for a pilot
Aviation jewellery can be bought for both men and women
Flight simulation software is now available, some of it very realistic
Aviation art is always popular, and cards and notecards depicting various aircraft are available
It is also possible to find aeroplane lamps, aviation coasters, various aviation-related paperweights, and similar items.

Where to Buy Aviation-Related Gifts

There are a number of specialized aviation companies, all of which have catalogues and websites. Most of these have specific gift sections. It is also possible to buy aviation items on-line, and eBay is a good source of unusual items related to flying. Sometimes the gift hunter can find items such as old propellers or other pieces of aircraft, which would be ideal for the real enthusiast.

Most people who fly or have a passion for aviation would be delighted to receive a gift related to flying at Christmas time.


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