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By the time you’re reading this, the scariest holiday of the year might already be over. It might be too late to give you a costume idea for this year’s party, but there are plenty of Halloweens ahead – there is always a next year, a next party, and enough great ideas to consider. Today, in the spirit of Halloween, let us take a look at some of the best horror video games  you can use to look for inspiration.

Clive Barker’s Undying

Clive Barker has some of the most elaborate monsters ever, mixing together pleasure and pain in a unique way (remember his Cenobites and the eternal Pinhead from Hellraiser?). True horror fans know that Barker has ventured several times into the world of video games, too. He was behind the team-based supernatural horror, Jericho, but long before that he has worked with EA on one of the most complex horror video games of all time: Undying.

Undying follows WWI veteran – and paranormal adventurer – Patrick Galloway in his quest to help his friend Jeremiah Covenant get rid of the evil spirits haunting his estate. As he later finds out, the threat is much bigger than expected: the evil forces threatening Covenant are supported by the Undying King himself.

Lost Vegas

Lost Vegas is the exact opposite of the game above. Instead of a well-written plot, it has none. Instead of a complex supernatural story, it is a simple zombie-themed slot machine. And it’s recent, too – it was released at the Euro Palace just a few weeks ago. Lost Vegas shows us what the undead would look like if a zombie apocalypse hit the Sin City. Euro Palace players were hit with a ton of costume ideas: a zombie Elvis, a zombie Diva, a zombie High Roller, and other rotting characters from the Las Vegas nightlife chase a rag-tag team of survivors across the Strip. The game is simple, fun to play, and filled with cash: there are several bonuses and features throwing cash toward all Euro Palace players experimenting with the game.

System Shock (2017)

System Shock was an innovative game, mixing role-playing and first person shooters in a completely unique way. While the genre of the game is closer to science fiction, it is based upon one of the most horrifying ideas mankind has ever had: an artificial intelligence turning evil, plotting to destroy humanity.

The game is creepy, often making your skin crawl and your blood freeze in your veins. As a veteran video gamer (I’ve played Outrun on Spectrum), I can say that it is easily one of the scariest games ever created. And it will return to the world of PC gaming in 2017, with state of the art graphics, and even more scares coming our way.


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