Suicide Bomb Kills 54 In Yemen; ISIS Takes Credit

March 16, 2023 10:18 pm1 commentViews: 123

A suicide car bomb killed more than fifty people Monday in Yemen and Islamic State has taken credit of it.

Suicide Bomb Kills 54 In Yemen; ISIS Takes Credit

According to Aden-Abyan Province of the ISIS in the Arabian Peninsula nation said the suicide bomb targeted a militia recruitment center.

Doctors without Borders tweeted to have received 45 dead bodies and about 60 wounded patients.

Yemen’s Health Ministry has confirmed 54 people have been killed in the attack.

The bombing occurred at a compound where soldiers are trained before going into battle.

The attack has been condemned by White House too saying the ISIS as well as the al-Qaeda are exploiting the political and security vacuum in Yemen.

A released press statement reads, “It is critical for the parties in Yemen to bring a halt to the fighting as soon as possible and finalize an agreement … that achieves a lasting peace with support from the region and the international community more broadly.”

Yemen is currently undergoing civil war and is divided into two groups. The Houthis rule in the north where as the Hadi’s government has controls over most of the southern region.

The Al-Qaeda supports neither and has staged several deadly assaults in the south. The ISIS has also seized such opportunities with several suicide bombings and attacks.


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