Tanzania Bans Plastic Bags, Urging Biodegradable Bags Use

October 22, 2016 10:13 pm0 commentsViews: 194

Tanzania has completely banned use of plastic bags in the country and from January 1, 2017, businesses need to either adopt new technologies or shut down facilities.


Luhaga Mpina, deputy Minister in the Vice President’s Office (Union Affairs and Environment), led a government team that presented a draft of regulations before the Parliamentary Committee on Industries, Trade and Environment.

However, the draft also adds ban would be exempted from use in industrial packaging, medicinal services, construction industry, agriculture sector, sanitation and waste management.

The ban will also provide a special phasing out time for up to two years for manufacturers either to close down the businesses, change the technology or lay off workers.

The manufacturing units still having raw materials even after the earlier ban announcement in August this year can continue their production but only for export purpose.

Mpina said plastic bags are causing devastating pollution and since 2006 the government has been trying to stop its use in the country.

A data reveals up to Sh10 billion is spent annually in repairing water supply infrastructure by Dar es Salaam authorities. The plastic bags resulted with blockages of the infrastructure.

Meanwhile, representatives from Plastic Manufacturers Association of Tanzania (PMAT) said they have no problem embracing the biodegradable technology.

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