The Benefits of Dental Insurance

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Dental care may be free in Scotland, but this isn’t the case in England. Only low income families and pregnant women are likely to benefit from free dental care under current government guidelines. This means that cash-strapped families will have to make their own provisions if they want to maintain healthy teeth. A dental insurance policy or dental plan may help achieve this objective.

There are now three standard charging structures for NHS dental patients. In England, band-one procedures cost £15.90 and include examinations, a scale and polish, and X-rays. At £43.60, band-two charges include basic treatment such as fillings and extraction. At £194, band-three charges include more complex procedures such as crowns and bridges.

Dental Insurances Spreads the Cost of Dental Care

An Ipsos MORI survey in 2008 found that 7.4 million adults hadn’t had a dental check-up since 2006. The main reason cited was that they couldn’t find an NHS dentist. Of these, 4.7 million people had sought expensive private dental treatment instead. A dental insurance policy, also known as a dental plan, would have helped these people budget for the considerable expense of dental care.

Dental Plans Promote Regular Check-Ups

Dental insurance encourages people to take advantage of regular check-ups. This is because individuals with dental plans don’t fear the bill should dental surgery on rotten teeth or gum disease be necessary. Identifying issues early on helps ensure healthy teeth. This not only minimises costs, it also helps people avoid uncomfortable dental surgery.

Dental Insurance Provides Peace-of-Mind

Millions of families worry about the cost of dental care. Although many people need to see a dentist, they avoid going as they can’t afford to pay the bill. Taking out dental insurance allows people to spread the cost of dental care, making it more affordable. Paying £20 a month for dental insurance is far more manageable than a bill for £350 for root-canal work on a molar.

Spreading the cost of dental care with a dental insurance policy is a sensible step for many middle-income families. Low income families, such as those on state benefits, are likely to find that a dental plan isn’t necessary as they are already covered. Check with employers as some offer dental insurance as a benefit-in-kind as part of an employment package.


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