Things to consider while buying Luxury Watches for Men

Things to consider while buying Luxury Watches for Men
Things to consider while buying Luxury Watches for Men

While contemplating investing their hard earned cash on a luxury watch; many men find themselves at crossroads between the cost of the watch and the probable advantages of owning the watch. There are various reasons which may run through a person’s mind on the benefits of buying the watch and sometimes just plain simple he may feel he deserves to reward himself with some luxury after all the hard work put in everyday.

Things to consider while buying Luxury Watches for Men

A watch allows a man to make a personal statement in a simple way. There are many luxury brands one can choose right from the more acquirable ones pricewise like Tissot Watches, to the ones in a higher range like Bvlgari Watches and so on. Along with the large number of brands to decide from; there are also various features such as sporty designs; waterproof, scratch proof functions, mechanical movements; etc. and the many choice scan be quite overwhelming for the buyer.

Due to this most prefer to do their research online through various watch websites like Zimson Watches; to get to know about the different brands and features in the comfort of their home rather than needing to go to various shops and deal with pushy salesmen. Moreover watches can be purchased as well; directly through websites like Zimson.

Here are few things you may want to contemplate before taking the plunge.

Mass produced vs. skilled artisans

The major difference between lower priced watches compared to top quality watches is the craftsmanship applied in making the watches. While the main purpose of a watch is keeping the time; cheaper timepieces mass produced by unskilled labor; with very little quality control; rarely survive for more than five years at a time.

On the other hand with skilled artisans generally crafting high end luxury watches; the wearer is assured that the watch is reliable enough to work well for decades; with maybe minor tune-ups being necessary every five years or so. Additionally there are other details included in a luxury watch for example one of the Tissot watches T0554171604700 – PRC 200 offers Chronograph movement; is encased with sapphire crystal glass; has a leather strap and is also quite reasonably priced; while one of the Tag Heuer watches Aqua racer 300m along with offering a sporty look is water resistant with a Swiss made caliber 5 automatic movement. Hence luxury watches well-known for their reliability accompanied with all the other features becomes all the more difficult for most men to resist; especially those who appreciate quality and would rather prefer investing once than get into the hassle of repairing a watch various times.

Long-term value

Ordinary watches or those made with plastic or plated alloys rarely ever have any sort of long term value, while luxury watches have a long term value not only in terms of lasting for many years but also as investments in terms of the value of the substances they are composed of to be able to retain their value over time; such as certain gold plated or diamond studded watches. Also luxury watches from well known brands like Rolex watches; have great value for watch collectors familiar with the value of various features of such watches and are even willing to pay a substantial amount for decade-old watches of reputed brands with a great lineage. Most men prefer spending their hard earned money on a luxury watch as it is something of value which will last for a longer period of time.

Not loud or over the top

Most luxury watches are subtle and depict the wearer to have enough wealth with refined taste without being loud or over the top. A lot of times at various business meetings there are high-end clients who have a discerning eye for a good quality watch as it displays a certain sense of class, by the wearer, which they hope will eventually display in their delivery of work as well. It also shows that the person understands a refined quality of life and at time helps business men to increase their value amongst their business colleagues as well. Most men due to their social group may require purchasing refined things to be at par with the rest of the group.


Last but not the least the budget is very important while finally choosing your luxury watch, one needs to keep in mind not to have an over the top budget hoping to later make up the money by selling the watch. This is not practical as being a “luxury good” the resale value immediately alters of a recently bought watch. Very old heritage watches generally can fetch the seller a good price to make any sort of profit or money and that too from anexperienced watch collector.

Hence it is better to be well prepared financially before buying a luxury watch and it is best to look for value for money by doing some research in advance. The most budget friendly mechanical Swiss watches can be bought for around Rs. 30,000 also, while investing in an entry-level mechanical Swiss watches can cost anywhere between Rs.60,000 to Rs1,80,000, and a mid-range can be between Rs. 3,00,000 to Rs 7,00,000 and from there on upper range luxury watches are priced limitlessly.

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