Things to do in Laos

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When visiting Laos, the best way to see this beautiful country is by traveling at ground level. It helps travelers connect with the people and the land.

In the north is a tapestry of protected forests strung out across some of the most rugged mountains in southeast Asia. It’s home to many ethnic groups, like the Hmong, Akha, and Khamu, that maintain their traditional culture and still live off the land.

Central Laos is hard to top for stunning scenery. Limestone karsts stand like giants on guard, watching carefully over their neighbors to the east. Monsoon forests hide lagoons, rivers, and caves so awesome, you would have only thought them possible in a Disney theme park.

The southern delta region is famous for it’s Four Thousand Islands, an area filled with sandbars and small islands that pop up as the Mekong recedes. It’s the perfect place to let the days melt by as Laos heats up.

In a joint effort between New Zealand and the Laos government, the Provincial Tourism office provides environmentally conscious excursions into the Nam Ha National Protected Area.

It’s worth the walk for a look at some of the best preserved forests in Laos, but it’s the intact village life that is the real draw. Those searching for a way to create a positive impact can feel good about a trip here, because the money spent goes towards educating, and providing health care and income to impoverished tribal groups.


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