Tips for Overland Travel in South America

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Overland travel is a term used for people that travel independently with a motorized vehicle. In most cases, the term “overland travel” applies to long-term travellers, but this isn’t necessarily the case. The biggest advantage of overland travel is independence; to have the freedom to go and stop wherever one wants. South America is a perfect continent for overland travel, whether it’s by car or motorcycle.

Rent a Car in South America

Car rental is suitable for short-term holidays, varying from a few days to a few weeks or months. Overland travel in this case means covering one country, or a specific region. In general it’s too expensive and too much of a bureaucratic hassle to ship a car for such a short period.

South America is a good continent to rent a car; there are car rental agencies at most of the larger airports and in all major cities. However, there are several aspects one should take into account before renting a car in South America. For example, there are the long distances and the many unpaved roads to consider, in order to choose the most suitable car.

Fly a Motorcycle In

The experience of many motorcyclists has taught that in most cases the cheapest and easiest way to transport a motorcycle is by air. The website of Horizons Unlimited offers a longstanding and comprehensive resource for overland travel by motorcycle. It provides an active and up-to-date forum with all information regarding, among other things, transporting a motorcycle by air.


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