Tips On How To Become A Writer? – Beginner’s Guide

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Are you looking to become a writer? then I’d like to tell you that it is a great option to become a writer because it is one of the best ways to express your thoughts and opinions to an audience using words. You do not even have to do it as a full-time thing you can start it by writing some of the things on a part-time basis and once you get a hang of it then you can pursue a career in writing. There is a list of careers that you can pursue if you are good at writing and if you like writing like, you can publish a book if you are interested in that, you can write articles or you can even start blogging.

There is a difference between being a writer, a good writer, a great writer, and a professional writer. Now all of these things may sound the same, they are not the same because the objective in each step of writing is completely different from others. No matter how good you are at academic skills but certain things only come to you with experience and you have to accept the fact. if you are an aspiring writer and a beginner then there are few things that we would like to recommend you that will help you in getting on the right path.

Read as much as you can

It is important to start writing yourself but reading is the primary activity that you should pursue if you want to be a writer. Because if you don’t know what good writing is then how will you even try to become a good writer yourself. So, we recommend you that you read stuff as much as you can, you can try to read articles or books about topics that you are fascinated with, you can if you are not sure about the type of things that you want to read, can go to the library and ask them for the suggestion, you can even ask your friends about the suggestion and then you can choose among them. There are tons of categories available there, that you can choose from and start your journey of writing or reading.

Nail the basics down

As mentioned above, no matter how good you are in the English language there is always a scope for improvement. The more you read, the newer grammar concepts you will encounter and you need to nail down those things that you have recently learned because that will help you remember them in the long run. A writer needs to be very accurate in the grammar section because if a person is not grammatically correct, the message that they are trying to convey will not be completely delivered and the person reading it might find it absurd and not pay any attention which is something no one wants.

In terms of English, there are various kinds of English like Australian, British, and American English. You need to understand the difference between them so when you write anything you do not mix up three of them.

Just go for it

I get it if you are ready to start writing but you cannot stop criticizing yourself. Let me tell you that the best way to begin, is to just do it if you are a beginner and otherwise it might be very difficult to get started because you want to get it alright in the first go but that’s not how it is going to be. There are certain things you are going to learn along the way and that is an important part of the journey. So, as early as you begin the better you are going to get. You can set a schedule or word limit that you have to write daily and exercise it because it is not necessarily easy to keep your efficiency at the best level for a long period. You need to start with a small period and small context of paragraphs so that you can do your best, gradually you will increase it.


It is also important that even though it is good to brainstorm for ideas, it is also important to plot the content you are about to write, as thinking about writing gives you time to think about approaches you can take in your article or the blog and come with the best approach. It never hurts to have a plan.

Stay motivated and excited

Many people tend to give up on writing or any other activity for that matter once they begin it and do it for some time. We recommend that you get excited about writing before you begin writing, that way you will be able to focus more on getting better and less on failing.

Stick to it

The most important thing is not to become a writer, just start writing and you become a writer, but the most difficult thing here is to stick to being a writer. People often get tired and decide to do something else rather than writing because the fun factor reduces as the time goes by, but I need you to understand that it is normal and you have to stick to writing because if you have the same kind of attitude towards every good thing that you have, you will not be able to achieve much in your life.

Ask for opinions

Once you have written something, that is partly complete or even completely done, you need to proofread it first and then ask someone else that you trust and his opinion you might value about the quality of the content. You can ask for criticism that is constructive which will help you improve the mistakes that you might not have encountered by yourself.


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