Tourist Bus Attacked With Hunting Rifle In France; 6 Injured

March 15, 2023 9:02 am1 commentViews: 96

At least six people were hurt, including a woman, Sunday night when a tourist bus was shot fired on the A7 motorway in south-east France. Two of the shots are reported to have smashed the front and rear windows.

Tourist Bus Attacked With Hunting Rifle In France; 6 Injured

The bus was on route from Spain to Czech Republic carrying 76 Czech tourists including schoolchildren.

Prosecutor of Valence, Alex Perrin, said the bus came under fire from a gun while traveling along the A7 motorway and described the incident as an isolated act.

He added, “An initial shot smashed the front windscreen and a second exploded the rear window of the vehicle a few seconds later.”

The six injured were due to broken glass. A woman and a child had eye damage. All the passengers were not hospitalized.

One of them suffered serious injury.

Initial investigation reveal hunting rifle was used in the shooting, but no reason as been found the particular bus was targeted.

According to local newspaper, a team of police officers was deployed on bridges over the road to avoid any second such incidence.

No arrests have been made so far.


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