Travel on an Overnight Train to Reach European Destinations

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When traveling through Europe, visitors may want to see multiple countries, but do not have a large amount of time to spend on traveling. Elipsos Trenhotel is one company that offers the comfort and privacy of a hotel with the added benefit of traveling during the night hours. Passengers will save time by traveling while they sleep. These night trains are often thought of as hotels on wheels.

Choose from a Variety of Train Classes

Depending on the needs and budget of the traveler(s), there are several choices of classes on the Trenhotel. The more privacy and amenities, the more expensive the ticket. The differences in classes can range from a shared compartment of four bunks to a private room with a basin and shower. On other overnight trains, if a traveler does not want to spurge on a sleeper, couchettes are also available for a cheaper price.

Different Overnight Routes Offered

Trenhotel offers different routes depending on city of origin and final destination. The four countries served by this train include France, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland. Passengers can book a one-way, round-trip, or multiple destination ticket.

Euro Railways is another company that offers overnight train tickets to European destinations. Euro Railways offers a larger number of destinations and countries than Elipsos. This company allows passengers to book train travel in all the above mentioned countries, but also adds on other cities not in those countries including Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Salzburg, Prague, and more.

Where to Purchase Train Tickets

Travelers can purchase tickets on the Elipsos or Euro Railway website. Passengers purchasing tickets outside of Europe will have to buy tickets on the Rail Europe website referenced below. Fares will vary depending on dates, departure and destination cities, one-way or round trip, number of passengers, and class.

Look for promotions throughout the year on the Euro Railway website. Many international passes, like the EurailPass are also accepted on overnight trains. Depending on if the the Eurail Pass is first-class or second-class will determine the available sleeping options aboard the train. There is a supplemental fee for sleeper fares for pass holders. Reservations are required for overnight trains or couchettes.

Taking a night train is a way to maximize time for trips between far apart cities. Instead of taking up six or more hours during daylight hours to get from one place to the next, Europe night trains give passengers the opportunity to travel during the night in a comfortable setting.


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