Tropical Storm Erika Sets Dominican Republic 20 Years Back: PM Skerrit

April 26, 2023 3:49 pm5 commentsViews: 646

Tropical Storm Erika has weakened up drenching Haiti and Dominican Republic on Friday.

Tropical Storm Erika Sets Dominican Republic 20 Years Back- PM Skerrit

Dominica Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said at least twenty people have been killed and the storm has left trail of destruction too. Thirty-one people is missing.

The Prime Minister said the island is now set back 20 years in the damages after the storm that dumped about 15 inches of rain. It has destroyed roads, bridges and homes. The extent is far worse than expected.

Airport has been shut down and national reconstruction advisory committee has asked people to share resources until foreign aid arrives.

Meanwhile, there is a warning in northern Cuba and Florida. State of emergency has been declared for late Sunday and early Monday. People are urged to fill up their vehicle gas tanks as well as to stockpile water and food.

Erika is a wet storm and 8 inches of rain was expected across the Caribbean where it would hit. Its center was located 40 miles west of Port-au-Prince in Haiti.


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