Tropical Treatment to Dogs Skin Problems

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Traditional Chinese Medicine can be used for treating dog allergies that lead to skin conditions. Diet, herbs and Tui Na massage are used to relieve allergy symptoms.

Allergies to foods and plant pollens can make a pet uncomfortable. Warm weather may aggravate the situation. In the worst cases, allergies lead to moist eczema, which leads to hotspots, those damp, itchy areas that become infected. Other dogs may suffer from dry heat with red, itchy eyes and flaky skin that is hot to the touch.

Chinese Herbal Remedies for Dog Skin Allergies

A Chinese Herbalist can develop a formula specific to the individual dog’s skin problem. A formula for dry itchy skin will be very different from that used for hotspots. If the pet has other health issues, these will be addressed in the formula as well.

Topical Treatment of Skin Lesions

Treating dog allergies that have manifested as hotspots or other skin lesions will include the use of some topical products as well. Tui Na massage to move Qi and Blood and alleviate Wind, can be supplemented with Chrysanthemum flower tea bags (or the flowers, if tea is made from the dried plant) applied directly to the hotspots. Or the tea can be put into a spray bottle for easy application. If the dog will tolerate them being held there, place the tea bags on the dog’s red itchy eyes as well. And if the dog will drink some of the cooled tea, so much the better.


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