Trump Bows To Controversies; Orders Flags To Half-Staff Honoring McCain

August 28, 2018 1:35 pm66 commentsViews: 55

Fed up with controversies on his silence to honor late John McCain the US President Donald Trump bowed Monday to pressure and ordered flags be lowered to half-staff atop the White House and elsewhere.

A statement from Trump says he has respect for the longtime lawmaker from Arizona and Navy veteran even though both had differences in politics and policies as well. The country appreciates everything McCain has done for United States.

The president’s about-face came after appeals were launched from veterans’ groups to offer more fitting salute to the war veteran who was imprisoned for more than five years in Vietnam.

McCain was 81 and died on Saturday after battling with brain cancer for about a year. In a farewell message to the country he fired a parting shot at Trump urging Americans not to despair of the present difficulties, but to always have a belief in the greatness of America.

The former GOP presidential nominee wrote the final message before his death. The final lines are touchy where he wrote Americans never surrender, never quit and never hide from history, rather they make history.

On Saturday flag was lowered atop the White House, but was placed at the top again on Monday morning. This as well as the initial silence of Trump about the Republican senator underscored isolation of McCain. Criticism was fueled. A week of tributes is under way in Phoenix and former campaign manager of the American hero confirmed the president would not be attending the funeral.

On Friday, Vice President Mike Pence is learned to be speaking at a ceremony at the US Capitol to honor the political icon.


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