Trump reveals trade deal telephonic discussion positive with China

December 30, 2018 3:04 pm19 commentsViews: 67

President Donald Trump tweeted Sunday revealing his long and very good telephonic discussion with Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping that could lead to trade deal between the two countries.

In 2018 United States and China were involved in a trade war, shaking world financial markets. The two leaders however agreed to a ceasefire to hold off further imposing of tariffs for 90 days starting December 1.

Trump said deal between them is moving along well and could cover all subjects, areas and points of disputes.

Similar information was also confirmed by Chinese state media quoting Xi as saying both the countries are working on trade deal.

Xi said, “I hope that the two teams will meet each other half way, work hard, and strive to reach an agreement that is mutually beneficial and beneficial to the world as soon as possible.”

Chinese foreign ministry said both the countries need to have strong ties to ensure global stability as well as peace.

Foreign ministry spokesman said the relationship between US and China is at a historic new starting point and both the countries should respect sovereignty and security of each other.

Releasing a statement Lu Kang further explained, “Both sides should stick to rationally and objectively viewing the other site’s strategic intentions, strengthen strategic communication and promote strategic mutual trust to prevent strategic misjudgments.”


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