Twitter Is Being Sold

March 17, 2023 6:23 am24 commentsViews: 205

Is Twitter being sold? Talks have been initiated. Several tech giants are seen being interested in the platform, said a person familiar with the matter.


Twitter is currently considered as a high-profile and money-losing social media company.

Sources say the social giant has signaled the start of a slow-rolling auction.

However, sale of Twitter has been rumored frequently for months as looses are running at hundreds of millions of dollars a year, soft advertising sales and stagnant user growth.

Twitter is about a decade old and its service has become a potent global source of news, social commentary and entertainment.

If believed to CNBC, Twitter had a talks with Google too and soon is learned to be receiving a formal bid. Verizon too is being considered.

After the news of Twitter sales its shares jumped on Friday to more than 19 percent to $22.22, which is largest one-day hike since first day of trading in 2013.

Currently Twitter has a market value of about $16 billion.

According to Morningstar analyst Ai Mogharabi, the parent company of Google would be the best acquirer as even after several efforts the company has not been able to crack social media.

Share your views too with us whether Google would be able to acquire Twitter and start a new journey into social media after failure of Buzz and not-so-success Google+


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