US Air Force Bombs ISIS Training Camps In Libya; 80 Militants Killed

March 18, 2023 6:26 pm1 commentViews: 122

The night was not good for Islamic State in Libya. One of its training camps were bombed by two United States Air Force B-2 bombers and is reported to have killed more than 80 militants including couple of those who were involved in past in plotting attacks in Europe too.

Pentagon added the attacks were also conducted by armed reaper drones that flew from a base in Sicily.

Departing defense secretary Ashton B. Carter said, “We need to strike ISIL… We know that some of the ISIL operatives in Libya were involved in plotting attacks in Europe.”

In 2016 the IS militants were driven from their coastal stronghold surt by Libyan fighters backed by US air power. The operations were announced an end on December 19. However, it was not the end of IS in the country. It is believed the group has several hundred fighters there.

Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said, “We had 100 terrorists training… That was a risk we could not accept.”

Meanwhile, a fresh warning has been issued by the UN lately about humanitarian crisis in eastern part of Iraqi city Mosul where the government army backed by US troops is locked in heavy fighting with the ISIS for more than six weeks.

Mosul is the last major city stronghold of the terror group in the country and the troops are trying dislodging the ISIS militants dug in among civilians.


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