US backing Venezuela’s opposition leader as new president

January 23, 2023 7:47 am94 commentsViews: 139

Venezuela may soon have two presidents. The country’s constitution allows it and little known politician Juan Guaido may assume an interim presidency to help organize new elections and head a transitional government.

Lawmakers in the National Assembly voted for Guaido on Tuesday hoping it will help Venezuela’s dispirited opposition and get support from United States as well as other regional states including Argentina and Brazil.

Venezuelan pollster and political analyst Luis Vicente Leon said, “With international backing to recognize him as president this could put the Venezuelan government in a squeeze.”

Leon adds if Guaido gets the support of US and is recognized as president, assets of the country abroad will thereafter be not in control of President Nicolas Maduro even though he has power in Venezuela.

Socialist authoritarian Maduro took office last week for the second term amid criticisms from many countries for not allowing opposition to run for the presidential election.

Meanwhile, US is considering ramping up sanctions against the oil industry and military of Venezuela.

US Vice President Mike Pence is learned to have spoken to Guaido on Tuesday over phone and confirmed his support for him.

In recent weeks US, Chile and several other countries have generated pressure on the opposition to name its own president.

Guaido, 35, has called for a national strike on January 23 and people believe the march will be important.

Analysts believe Guaido is a new face and can stage motivating those who oppose the regime.


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