US military not to intervene in Venezuela: Congress

April 21, 2023 3:16 pm6 commentsViews: 63

Even though President Trump hinted earlier US military may intervene in Venezuelan political crisis, but Congress lately ruled out such action on Wednesday.

US Representative Eliot Engel said, “I do worry about the president’s saber rattling, his hints that US military intervention remains an option. I want to make clear to our witnesses and to anyone else watching: US military intervention is not an option.”

Earlier this year US imposed sanctions on Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA to limit acess to oil revenue by President Nicolas Maduro, but Engel said it will effect the people there.

Engel added the consequences of such sanctions would be tough if Maduro does not leave the office as the country is already facing medical and food supply shortages, severe economic contraction and hyperinflation.

Opposition leader Juan Guaido self-declared himself as legitimate leader of Venezuela citing Maduro’s re-election in late 2018 was a sham.

US and several more countries recognized Guaido as legitimate head of state in the country. However, Maduro has retained back on the chair with strong backing from China, Russia and Turkey.

China has lent to the country more than $50 billion over the past decades through oil-for-loan agreements.


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