US warns Cuba to face economic pressure for supporting Venezuela

April 5, 2019 11:59 pm0 commentsViews: 64

Soon some intense economic pressure could be generated on Cuba and the reason is the country’s support for Venezuelan strongman Nicolas Maduro, said White House national security adviser John Bolton in one of his recent tweets.

He added that any country or company facilitating repression of Venezuelan people would be accountable.

Prior to the announcement 34 ships tasked for the transportation of Venezuelan oil to Cuba were blacklisted by the US Treasury Department.

Meanwhile, Cuba termed the tactics as economic piracy and described the sanctions as Monroeist, which means an invocation of the Monroe Doctrine that was a policy of US in for opposing efforts of European to colonize Latin America.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla said, “I denounce the escalation of #US ‘Monroeist’ aggressions against #OurAmerica and the use of scandalous lies against Cuba.”

Adding further the minister said he is strongly rejecting the economic piracy measures of US to do harm to Venezuela and steal its resources.

However, US officials said Maduro is plundering the country’s resources to enrich himself and seek international support.

A regional expert said, “Cuba’s foreign ministry is raging about US sanctions on the Maduro regime… Why? Because that means less money for the Cuban colonial masters.”

Earlier this year in January US ordered for the removal of all non-emergency government employees from its embassy in Venezuela amid ongoing diplomatic crisis.


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