US Warns Tanzania Against Shutting Down 40 HIV/AIDS Clinis Across Nation

March 19, 2023 2:40 am64 commentsViews: 252

United States has warned Tanzanian government by way of its embassy in Dar es Salaam the move of banning several HIV/AIDS clinics across the nation without notifying them is wrong.

Later last week Tanzania shut down forty such health centers accusing those to be promoting homosexuality in the country. The government also warned to be publishing the list of names who are found involved in the only gay sex business.

US embassy in Dar es Salaam said the move could cause a flare-up of the epidemic among those individual who are afflicted with it.

Releasing a statement on Sunday the embassy said decision of Tanzanian government could impact HIV/AIDS programmes funded by the American government.

The press release added such step could also impede the progress made in the programmes over the years in addressing the epidemic in the African country.

It is learned the Tanzanian government didn’t provide any notification to the US about the changes made for the so-called drop-in centers.

Health minister Ummy Mwalimu said the health workers of the banned clinics will be henceforth shifted to the public health facilities to offer HIV/AIDS services.

Ms Mwalimu said an investigation by a special task force appointed by her ministry found lubricants like K-Y jelly provided at some of the foreign-funded clinics lured youth to engage in homosexuality.


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