Viruses Tend To Be More Infectious In Morning: Research

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In a new study it is found the Viruses infections are mostly effective in the morning as the circadian rhythms of human body as well as its individual cells hinder the ability to infect at other hours.

Viruses Tend To Be More Infectious In Morning- Research

Details of the study are published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and it writes the internal clock of human body control parts of physiology as well as regulating of the action and resources of cells.

The new study was conducted on mice and found they were most susceptible to infection during the resting period.

University of Cambridge professor Dr. Akhilesh Reddy said, “Given that our body clocks appear to play a role in defending us from invading pathogens, their molecular machinery may offer a new, universal drug target to help fight infection.”

It is suggested those human beings who have irregular circadian rhythms could be more susceptible to flu and hence night shift of work need to be avoided.

Researchers also found the reason why influenza spreads during winter.

Reddy further added, “The virus needs all the apparatus available at the right time, otherwise it might not ever get off the ground, but a tiny infection in the morning might perpetuate faster and take over the body.”

Further research is still required to support the theory of the new study that virus infections are most effective in the morning compared to other time of the day.

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Infographic – Circadian Rhythms

Viruses Tend To Be More Infectious In Morning: Research


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