Walnut Capital Founder Gregg Perelman Escapes Plane Crash In Tanzania With Family

March 18, 2023 2:03 pm121 commentsViews: 891

Walnut Capital Management founder Gregg Perelman escaped plane crash with wife Susie and three daughters while traveling to his last stop in Tanzania on January 2. The family is to return back home in Pittsburgh in a day.

The small plane crashed while taking off on a wet, clay runway at the Sasakwa airstrip.

The Dar Post of Dar es Salaam said the Air Excel flight crashed immediately after the take off and caught fire.

Keeping his wits Gregg climbed over the nose and pulled out both the pilots, who were unconscious, from the plane. The two are now in Nairobi and is defined as in critical condition.

Social media posts reveal the family sustained cuts, contusions and broken ribs, but fit to travel back to Pittsburgh.

The family was on final trip to Rwanda in the two-week visit to Tanzania. Earlier they visited several places including a Masai village to deliver school, dental and medical supplies.

Gregg and his wife are entrepreneurs with a penchant for philanthropy.

Susie had earlier founded national linens rental company Mosaic and non-profit firm Pros Take Action that helps victims of natural disasters.

Gregg founded first mail order pharmacies of the country, Stadtlanders that catered to at-risk patients. Later he sold the company and founded Walnut Capital in early 1990s.


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