Wardrobe Basics on a Budget – Trends and Tricks

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Being fashionable doesn’t have to cost a fortune. As the seasons change, so do trends. What budget conscious fashionistas have learned is to master mixing and matching old standbys with contemporary pieces. Pack a closet with high quality, timeless essentials and pull in a few of the current season’s must-haves.

Foundation Neutral Color

Start with a neutral color that will go with anything. Black, brown, navy, taupe, gray, beige and white are excellent choices. Since these items will be timeless, this is the place to choose the highest quality the budget can afford. Thin knits that can be layered offer the most style options. Use a building strategy and establish a strong wardrobe foundation with the following items in one or two of the neutral colors:

Tank top
Pullover sweater

Additional Foundation Items

Select some items that are timeless. According to style guru Tim Gunn, certain items are essential to every woman’s wardrobe. In addition to the foundation items in a neutral color, select a timeless trench coat, a white cotton shirt, jeans and a comfortable outfit that will replace the sweat suit.

Add one or two turtlenecks—one in a neutral and one in a jewel tone color, a denim jacket and a couple of short-sleeve T-shirts in black and a lighter color, such as white, beige or light gray. A second pair of slacks in black or other neutral color will increase options for outfits.

If a black dress isn’t already part of the essential wardrobe, add one. A pair of gray slacks, a jewel tone silk blouse, a camisole and a fitted jacket to go over the camisole are also essential, according to Real Simple.

Complementary Colors

Choose a couple of complementary colors to accent the wardrobe. Jewel tones are particularly good for what fashion experts call a pop of color. Wear an emerald green tank top or camisole with a pair of black slacks and gray cardigan for the perfect amount of colorful accent and a sophisticated look. Other colors that add that important pop of color are teal, turquoise, purple, red, coral, peach and yellow.


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