Water Softening Systems that Don’t Dry the Skin

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Water softening systems attach to the water supply in a home and rectify hard water by removing excessive minerals from it. There any many styles of water softening systems on the market, from whole house water softening systems to smaller sized water softening systems.

Types of Water Softening Systems

Although there are many different styles and manufacturers of water softening systems, there are only two major types: those that use salt as a filter medium and saltless water softeners. Traditional salt water softeners actually neutralize the hard minerals in the water using salt crystals. This results in slick feeling water.

Saltless water softeners use resins, instead of salt, and soften water by changing the composition of the hard minerals which prevent the minerals from sticking to anything, like skin or sink drains.

What are Saltless Water Softeners?

Saltless water softeners are large water tanks very similar to a hot water heater. They are attached to the main water supply for the home, usually in the basement or garage. The water line enters the top of the saltless water softener and flows into the tank, where it passes over a layer of resin beads in the bottom of the water tank.

These resin beads are coated with a light salt solution, called brine, which causes an ion exchange with the water and removes hard minerals. The softened water flows up out of the center tube and into the home’s faucets.


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