What A Good Weight Loss Diet Should Consist

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Body weight is often decided by the diet consumed. Weight loss and control can prove successful with a proper diet and right exercise. The ideal diet is one that provides the right quality of nutrients in the proportion that the body needs to maintain good health and a steady optimum weight.

Though we are all aware that nutritive value that gives food its wholesomeness is the first factor to consider in a diet, we often let our palate decide what and how much we eat. Dieting and a good weight loss diet are altogether two different things. Dieting is generally understood as monitoring what one eats and does not imply that it is food specific with weight loss in mind.

When a diet contains foods that are targeted for weight loss, then it can be termed as a weight loss diet. Most doctors would suggest a low carb, low fat diet, if weight loss was what you have in mind. Calories from carbohydrates get stored in the body when they are not burnt up by physical activity. Sugar from carbohydrates converts to energy and is termed as calories. When you speak of the calories any food gives, you are referring to the amount of energy it gives. If you can regulate your calorie consumption, you can control your gaining weight.

A good weight loss diet contains the right nutrients in the right quantity in accordance with your lifestyle, making it easy for you to shed unwanted weight. If weight loss is your aim, choose a diet, which is low in carbohydrate and fat as it will help you to burn off excess adipose tissue and reduce weight. While considering an effective weight loss diet it is worthwhile remembering that salt intake can also have a bearing on it. This factor often remains neglected while considering an effective weight loss diet.

Water is required by the body to keep the sodium in the salt in a non-toxic form. It means that water retention in the body is directly proportional to the salt that you consume. You require drinking more water to keep the salt you consume in a non-toxic form. Water retention means weight gain.

A good weight loss diet is one that ensures that the various nutrients you consume help you to shed weight more easily. A thumb rule to count calories is: carbohydrates and proteins give you 4 calories per gram, fat gives you 9 calories per gram and hard drinks give 7 calories per gram consumed. You can always surf the Internet for more data on weight loss food.


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