What Aleppo Is Now After 5 Yrs Of Syrian War

October 20, 2016 10:27 pm0 commentsViews: 858

In a period of just five years the massive economic and cultural hub with two million population turned from bustling metropolis to devastated war zone and entire blocks of buildings have been reduced to rubble.


Size of about Houston and twice the size of Paris, Aleppo is about 70 square miles. It is currently controled by Syrian regime, the rebels, Kurds and the ISIS.

Much of the western Aleppo is controled by the regime and rebels are seeking too end President Bashar al-Assad’s rule in the east.

During the war hundreds of thousands of people have fled the city or died in airstrikes and bombings, but many still remain there, but of course not by choice.

United Nations reveal about 1.5 million people still lie in regime-held areas of the city.

The most devastated part in Aleppo by airstrikes is the rebel-held eastern region. About 250,000-275,000 people are trapped by government troops and there are no ways to exit the city.

Medical care people are finding difficulties in reaching to the injured in airstrikes areas. There are about thirty doctors in the eastern part of Aleppo and this mean one doctor for every 10,000 people.

Those who are alive in the city spends much of the time searching for food as the supply of necessary items has been choked off. The city is suffering mass starvation.

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