What are the Odds of cricket betting

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Odds of cricket betting determine how likely an event is going to happen. When you learn to calculate cricket betting odds, you get an idea about the money you will win. Therefore, betting odds play an important role in online cricket betting. To acquire expertise in the betting arena, check out the three popular categories of betting odds.

Fractional Odds-

Fractional odds are quite popular among most bettors. It is as old as betting itself, and probably the easiest way to understand the odds.

To understand fractional bets better, here is a simplified explanation. There are two columns, each separated by a slash. The left column is for the amount to be returned for the money which is placed on the right column.

In case you are placing more amount than the unit placed in the right-hand column, then you need to multiply the amount by the left. For instance, if you want 7 units on 7/1 bet, you will get 49 units(7*7 in the right column).
However, there is one thing that the bettors need to keep in mind. The amount on fractional bets is exclusive of the stake that you get back. The amount for the bets wonwill include the staked amount as well.

Decimal betting is the modern form of betting odd. In this kind, there are two digits placed after the decimal of the given number. It might appear complex but works out just fine.

If you place a bet at 6.00, the decimal numbers denote the stake back. This is the only difference between decimal and fractional betting.


This is the kind of betting odd that is new to European and non-American bettors. It might seem complex like the Decimal system of betting but is not actually so. In this type of betting, the numbers after decimal point are either negative or positive. The positive number after the decimal shows the amount will be placed within 100 units when you win the bet. And a negative number shows the amount you need to stake to receive 100 units.

Although these bets might appear confusing because of the minute differences among them, they almost represent the same thing. However, one needs to know if the stake is returned in the amount or not. This is the factor that varies in the above-mentioned betting odds. The decimal betting odd includes the stake while the other two do not include the stakes.

It is recommended that one should spare a little time in understanding the cricket betting odds before choosing one of the odds to place bets.


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