What Is EDD Reopen Claim Glitch?

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What Is EDD Reopen Claim Glitch?

The EDD reopen claim glitch, also known as “The Labor Department Has Discovered a New Way to Steal Your Money,” is a business-restricted loophole in the U.S. Department of Human Resources. EDD open claim allows you to submit your unemployment benefits paperwork electronically (this process can cause errors) and claim benefits again after already received them. People can also use this process to receive benefits for their spouse, partner, or any other person with a Social Security number. Although the glitch has been available since 2012, it has only been discovered recently by Julia Wolfe and Max Jaffe while working on a class project at San Jose State University.

Basic Information

If you have an EDD reopen claim glitch, your account can be frozen for two weeks, but if the claim is closed correctly and all the processing has been completed, you can re-certify after two weeks without any problem. EDD recently opened up again, and a few people have reported being locked out of their accounts after attempting to re-certify them. If you have an open claim, your account will be locked out of the certification process for two weeks. If you were fortunate to have gotten it all done on the same day, you should be able to walk in and re-certify it during the grace period of two weeks. Even if the claim doesn’t appear on your account page as “Open,” this glitch happens randomly and affects everyone regardless of circumstances.

How Do I Know if My Claim is Approved?

While an open claim will be processed and won’t show as open on your account page, it is still a claim. You can re-certify your account by going to “My Certificates and Documents” on the EDD reopen claim glitch website by clicking “My Account” in the top right-hand corner of this page. If you were approved for your claim, you should see a green check mark that says that your claim has been closed in full, along with a note that the balance has been paid. If your claim is open, you will still be able to re-certify your account. However, you cannot certify it through the self-service portal. Instead, you will have to call EDD, and they will set it up for you by running a new claim and then crediting the balance of your claim back to your account after the closing date.

If I Re-certify, Why Do I Get a Balance Refund?

Sometimes you will be approved for an open claim, but the amount you are due for that claim needs to update on the EDD reopen claim glitch website. It is because it has yet to be paid. The balance of your claim will be paid after a period of time and will be put into a suspense account. The suspense account is usually a temporary balance that lasts between 6 and 12 months. When the balance has been paid out, which it probably will be, the amount becomes available for crediting back to your account. If you re-certify during this time, your new and overdue claim amount will be credited back to your account after the closing date.


EDD Reopen Claim Glitch: If you have opened a claim and it is still showing as open, re-certifying during the two-week grace period is not a problem. If you re-certify during that time frame, your new claim amount will be credited back to your account after the closing date.


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