What Is Medifast Diet. How It Is Important

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The Medifast Diet plan is also called the Medifast 5 and 1 Plan. This diet incorporates the weight loss diet principles of portion control, low fat food choices and balanced nutrition and a meal replacement plan to induce weight loss. The difference between this weight loss diet program and other dietary supplement meal plans is that Medifast meal replacement packets offer a variety of textures and flavors.

Tasty Dietary Supplements

You can get shakes, bars, soups, hot beverages, fruit drinks, iced teas, scrambled eggs, puddings, oatmeal and chiii. You eat the meal replacement supplements every two to three hours until dinner, when you get to eat a real food meal of lean meat and vegetables. This means that you are eating six meals a day.

To keep your energy levels up, it is recommended that you keep your meal times consistent. It is all right if you miss a meal or meal supplement. All you have to do is eat what was forgotten and space the rest of that day’s meals closer together. The packets have vitamins, dietary fiber, soy protein, whey and dairy products. Eating five meal replacements plus the real food meal give you the nutrition you need for that day.

Drink plenty of Fluids

There are a few rules that will help this weight-loss diet to work efficiently and keep your body healthy. You must drink at least sixty-four ounces of calorie free liquids a day. Water is the best liquid. Other calorie free liquids include unsweetened and dairy free green tea, black tea, coffee, herbal tea and soda water.

Take It easy with Exercise

This low-calorie diet brings the body to a condition called ketosis. This means that the body is burning fat because of the low caloric intake. In this condition, even though exercise is important to any weight loss program, it can make even a fit person feel light-headed if they exercise too vigorously. For this reason, it is important that a person starting the Medifast Diet, who regularly exercises, should reduce the level of exercise to a light or moderate level. For a person who does not exercise at all, a light exercise program should not be started until a few weeks into the weight loss diet, when your body is used to the low calorie intake.


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