World Awaits For British PMs Brexit Preparation Speech

January 16, 2017 11:44 pm0 commentsViews: 52

The market is waiting patiently to hear the outline priorities of British Prime Minister Theresa May for Brexit following which the country will leave a single market and remain away from the policies of European Union bloc.

According to prime minister’s office, the country would not look for such a deal that would leave them with “half in, half out” of the bloc.

It is learned from sources May has prepared to outline a dozen of priorities for the withdrawal talks with EU and few of those were like leaving the EU’s single market and regain complete control of its borders.

The fear of a “hard Brexit” has been lately prevailing across United Kingdom and it is said more financial and economical downfalls could be seen apart from the current southward graph of pound to lowest levels against USD in over three decades.

Meanwhile, the policies of American President-elect Donald Trump are growing uncertainties and have also hurt equities.

Director of Japan equity sales at Credit Suisse in Tokyo, Stefan Worrall, said the headlines will be dominated by Europe today and the focus would be on May’s speech and the interview of Trump on European newspapers.

Share your own views too while the world await for the outline of Brexit preparations from Theresa May and what policies Donald Trump come up with after his inauguration on January 20 for European countries, and particularly for Britain. Use the below given comment box.


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