Amazon rolls out free same-day delivery

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Amazon Inc[NASDAQ:AMZN], as we know it is one of the biggest online shopping stores. Now days, people find it very convenient to shop online. So, is launching a free same delivery service to its Prime members in many metropolitan’ areas including the city of Los Angeles as well. is launching the roll out from this Thursday. All the shoppers who are in the list of Amazon Prime membership program enjoy this benefit. All the prime shoppers have to make purchases of $35 or more by noon. If they do so, they will receive their purchased item by 9. p.m. at the same day of your purchase. This service is available all the seven days of the week. There are more than 1 million items that are included in the list of initial roll outs. A few of those items that are included in the list are electronic items, cables and chargers, stationary, books, cooking tools, games etc.

According to Amazon[NASDAQ:AMZN] vice president of Prime, Chris Rupp, and the step of initial roll out is really a life changer step. This initial roll out step is beneficial particularly for those shoppers who are in the need of the product urgently and needs item as early as possible. For instance, birthday gifts, books, baby supplies and so on.

The same day free delivery service will be available in much of the Redlands and Moreno in the east, Southland, stretching from the San Fernando Valley in the direction of north.

Rupp said in the interview that Amazon is not planning to increase the price of the Prime at all that costs $99 a year. There are many other benefits that are also offered by the Amazon like free two day delivery or instant streaming of television shows or movie.

Amazon[NASDAQ:AMZN] is one of the nation’s biggest e-commerce operations and is undoubtedly the rare exception. Amazon offers the same day delivery options to 14 metropolitan cities. Amazon announces this free same delivery option after Christmas. The service proved to be very popular over the weekends and holidays. According to Rupp, the company had been planning to launch this service from a very long time so that customer gets all the desired items in few hours, free of cost.

Apart from this, Amazon is also facing a tremendous pressure, as its competitors like Wal Mart Inc[NYSE:WMT] Stores and Google Inc[NASDAQ:GOOG] is also offering the same day delivery service to its customer.

Amazon[NASDAQ:AMZN] always wanted to speed up its delivery time, as the customer gets items of their choice in a short span of time. Speeding up the delivery time is always in the top of its priority list since its inception.

Nowadays, Amazon[NASDAQ:AMZN] will completely rely on fleet of trucks for the delivery of the items on the same day. Rupp neither disclosed the name of the delivery partner, nor like to comment on the finance strategy of Amazon. She declined to disclose how the company covers the free same day delivery cost.




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