Anticipating a Surge in Domestic Travel: Insights from SOTC Travel

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As travel restrictions ease and borders reopen, the travel and tourism industry in India is poised for a significant rebound, with a particular emphasis on domestic destinations. In a recent interview with Vishal Suri, Managing Director of SOTC Travel Ltd, he shares insights into the industry’s recovery and the factors driving the resurgence of domestic travel.

Anticipating a Surge in Domestic Travel: Insights from SOTC Travel

Recovery and Growth Amidst Challenges

Despite the setbacks caused by the pandemic, the travel industry has demonstrated remarkable resilience. Business travel and leisure activities have witnessed a robust recovery, with domestic destinations leading the resurgence. While long-haul international travel faces challenges due to visa restrictions and geopolitical tensions, domestic and short-haul destinations are thriving.

Factors Driving Domestic Travel

Suri highlights several factors contributing to the surge in domestic travel. The emergence of visa-free policies for Indian travelers in countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka has reduced costs and eliminated barriers, making these destinations more accessible. Additionally, improvements in connectivity, with the expansion of airports and airlines, have made domestic travel more convenient and appealing.

Balancing Domestic and International Demand

Despite the growing popularity of short-haul international destinations, Suri emphasizes that domestic travel remains a significant focus for SOTC Travel. He predicts that domestic travel will account for a substantial portion of their portfolio in the coming years. While destinations like Goa and Kashmir face competition from international alternatives, they continue to attract tourists due to their unique offerings and improved infrastructure.

Revitalizing India’s Tourism Industry

To revitalize India’s tourism industry on a global scale, Suri suggests simplifying the visa process for inbound travelers and diversifying tourism activities. Streamlining visa procedures and offering diverse experiences, such as adventure sports and vibrant nightlife, can enhance India’s appeal as a tourist destination. By focusing on quality and accessibility, India can reclaim its position on the global tourism map and attract a larger share of international visitors.

As India’s travel landscape evolves, SOTC Travel remains committed to catering to the diverse preferences of travelers while promoting the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of domestic destinations. With a renewed focus on sustainability, accessibility, and innovation, the future of travel in India looks promising, offering exciting opportunities for exploration and discovery.


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