9 Best Burgers in NYC That Will Make You Drool

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Well, it was not an easy list to make. At night we wake up and search for the burgers or have a dream of burgers following along the cliff sides and asking why they had not made the cut. We have spent the whole day searching for the best burger in NYC to put on this list. 

If you are craving for burgers, then New York City has got it all. There are several things more classic to New York than heading to the neighborhood bar and sitting at the counter with a beer and a burger. That is what makes a burger a certain New York staple, and they have become the best dish not only at bars and pubs but on steak houses and streets.

 So here is the list of the best burgers in NYC. Believe us when we say that you want to know what every burger tastes like.

Top Burgers In NYC


919 Fulton St. Brooklyn, Clinton Hill

We cannot tell you what is actually on Emily’s burger, and that is because you do not experience the Emily burger as ingredients. You will experience it as one united with people’s emotions: love, fear, and joy–there is nothing else that will come close to this burger like this in New York City. So if you want to feel it yourself, then get to this place early because there are plenty of other people who want to eat Emily’s burger. If you want to know the ingredients, then they are onion, dry-aged beef, melted cheddar, Emmy’s secret sauce, and the pretzel bun.

Peter Luger Steak House

178 Broadway Williamsburg

We are sure that you have eaten the full dinner here, but you might still be missing the main key part of this place: the burger. It is only served at lunchtime, and it is ideal for people who judge the burger 90 percent by meat and 10 percent by everything else. It is more than half a pound of dry-aged beef served with a slice of onion. This juicy meat is good enough to eat it with a fork itself, plus you also can add the thick juicy slab of bacon.

Au Cheval

33 Cortlandt Alley Tribeca

Chicago’s best burger appeared on about as much display as the royal family at the Wimbledon.  Almost any other ground beef and the stack of bread would feel disappointed considering that level of hype, this burger lives up to it. The burger comes with two patties, which is seared on the outside and juicy from the inside and topped with a perfect slice of gooey cheese, pickles, and mayo. It is amazing in itself, but opt to add thick, peppery bacon on top, and you will be surprised when the burger does not stop to give you the royal wave.

4 Charles Prime Rib

 4 Charles Street West Village

This place is similar to Au Cheval, and this burger here is similarly amazing. At Au Cheval, the burger has two patties, a lot of cheese with tons of sauce, and a bun that absorbs it all up. However, the burgers are pretty similar; the end result is very different. At this place, the burger is cut tableside, and it is mostly shared as the appetizer before the prime rib arrives. This small West Village place looks like the wealthy uncle’s cigar room, and it is nearly difficult to get the table before 11 pm. But once you get into this place, you will have the greatest burger experiences in New York City.

Minetta Tavern

113 Macdougal St Greenwich Village

At this place, the burger is insanely expensive, but this is not the list of the most morally justifiable foods in New York City. Try this black label burger; it is one of the first super-luxury burgers in New York, and it is the best. The patty is butter greased made from the dry-aged rib eye and the pile of caramelized onions and custom bun.

Gramercy Tavern

42 E. 20th St Flatiron, Gramercy

This burger is available in the walk-in only tavern part of the restaurant; it is the Vitruvian Man of burgers. There is plenty going on–smoky bacon, thick patty, smoked onion aioli, melted cheddar, but the shape of each is ideal. You can taste the burger without any flavor overwhelming the other ingredients. The bacon is cut in a method that lets you enjoy every single bite.

BK Jani

679 Grand Street Williamsburg

When you try this signature burger at this small Pakistani place in Bushwick, you will think back to the time when you were constantly searching for great new things, such as scented markers and sunsets. It may not look unique, but instead of mustard or mayo, they serve with mint chutney, and the large patty is lighter than it looks. People can eat several burgers in one sitting.

Bar Sardine

183 W. 10th St. West Village

If you are a burger freak who thinks the toppings are for the weak, this place’s burger is the best burger that will change the mind. Well, it comes with crispy potatoes, smoked cheddar, barbecue mayo, and pickled cucumbers. But no topping is overpowering from other ingredients, and every taste has a balanced effect. This burger is amazing and enjoyed alone at the bar-there will not be a room for two, anyway.


647 E 11th St East Village

The best thing about this place is the burger. We are reasonably sure the whole thing is seasoned in many sticks of butter before topped with pieces of onion marmalade and white cheddar, and we are fine with it. It is simple and squat, and you should add the bacon to yours. The second best thing about this Virginia is that it is never too crowded, so come to this place if you feel like eating an amazing burger in peace

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Final Words

Well, there are many burgers joints in the city like Mc Donald, Burger King, and many more. However, it is not about how it looks; it is all about how it tastes, so that’s why we have included the best burger in NYC so you can taste the amazing wonders of flavors in the burger. So if you find the burger tasty, and if you have any suggestions or we missed any burger place that you think we should include, then drop a comment below this section. 


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