Buying Rash Guards – Tips and Buying Guide

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Rash guards are very famous among the people who work out and perform other high-performance activities. These are made in a way that makes them more suitable for wearing as a base layer. People can wear this below other garments or can use it as a standalone item. If you are just beginning training and are very confused about how to choose a perfect crash guard for you, here are a few tips that may help you in the process of making this decision.

The cut.

The traditional rash guard will have one of these two cuts i.e. set-in sleeves or raglan sleeves. These two are very different and focus on different things.

The set-in sleeve is a very traditional cut and can be considered as a formal one. The fabric begins at the top of the shoulder and goes under the armpit as a sleeve.

In the case of the raglan sleeve, it is placed in a way that it goes diagonally under the arm from the collar and it provides extra space for movement of the arms due to lack of friction on the armpits area.


Just like wearing any other material, you need to make sure the stitching is of high-quality because you’re going to perform high-level activities while wearing the rash guard and you do not want to worry about the threads getting apart. There must be at least 4 threads for constructing it and the more, the better.


There can be two types of seams in the case of a rash guard. One is a flat-lock seam and the other one is called overlock seams. In the case of flat-lock scenes, the fabric is stitched on the top of one another where the seams will stay parallel to the wearer.

Another one is kind of the opposite of flatlock and it is called overlock, where the fabric is not staged in a parallel way but it comes together in the middle and restricts the movement.

Long sleeves or short ones

This is completely your call because the right choice depends upon the goal that you are trying to achieve. If you’re looking to buy a rash guard to avoid infections on your skin then we can go for the long sleeves because that will provide better protection. Otherwise shorter sleeves are a great option for you because they allow your body to breathe.

The fit.

It doesn’t matter if you are on a budget or not, we highly recommend you to avoid going for unisex sizing because they won’t be completely comfortable on your body and the bodies of female and male are built differently, it is not possible to have a completely comfortable rash guard which has unisex sizing. So, you need to look at a rash guard that fits your size and provides high-quality comfort.


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