Cheap Dorm Room Chair – Beanbag Chair

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Adding a comfortable chair to a dorm room is a terrific way to make the space feel more homey and comfortable. It’s also an easy way to decorate a college dorm room. Since most dorm rooms only come with a less-than-cozy standard desk chair, a comfortable chair can certainly be a practical piece of cheap dorm room furniture that can be used in future dorm rooms and college apartments as well.

So what kind of chair is perfect for a dorm room? Look for chairs that take up limited space and that will be easy to move. It’s also important to find a chair that’s fairly cheap, as dorm room furniture tends to get damaged easily. Here are some classic dorm chair suggestions.

Beanbag chairs are exactly what they sound like: oversized bean bags that are comfortable enough to sit or even lie upon. Bean bag chairs vary in price quite a bit; a cheap one had be had from a discount store for less than $50, and deluxe bean bag chairs that seat multiple people can be purchased from trendy furniture stores for hundreds of dollars. Well-constructed bean bag chairs can feel a little more like a bed than a bean bag. However, for students on a budget looking for something inexpensive to sit on and to brighten up a dull room, the cheap ones will do just fine. As a rule, bean bag chairs are pretty comfortable.

One feature to look for: bean bag chairs with removable covers. This feature makes the chair much easier to clean, and the cover can be replaced when it wears out or when the owner feels like changing the chair to a new color. For a little extra money, it’s also nice to buy beanbag chairs with a sitting space built-in. Beanbag chairs with this feature tend to be more sturdy and comfortable.


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