Corporate Tips: Renting Conference Rooms, Selecting Venues and Planning Evenings Out

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Booking a conference room and audio and video conference facilities from another town may seem like a daunting task. But it is possible to organize a successful out of town meeting from the home office.

Choosing Conference Services

Start shopping for conference services as early as possible to lock down the best rates and the best location. Choose meeting room venues based on the location, facilities and services offered. Hotels and convention centers frequently provide all-inclusive video conference facilities, wireless internet and conference room audio capabilities. Don’t be afraid to ask clients or prospective customers for their opinion on a prospective venue for an out of town meeting.

All-Inclusive Conference Facilities

All-inclusive conference facilities have it all: meeting room venues, conference room audio and video services and catering. This makes it easy to plan an out of town meeting. The site’s sales manager (also known as your new best friend) can provide quotes and details about what’s included in the package, including costs for conference room rental and any extras. In addition, if the meeting room venue is in a hotel, they should be able to offer clients a reduced room rate. Concierge services can come in handy too, especially if last-minute supplies need to be purchased locally.

Conference Room Rental Check-Up

Before leaving for the trip, confirm that everything’s on track at the conference room rental. Contact the venue’s sales manager and run through the checklist: Has the room been cleaned? Is the meeting room set up appropriately for the presentation? And most importantly, what time will the food arrive? Upon arrival, verify that the conference room audio and video conference facilities are set up and ready to go.

Evening Activities

If the rest of the group is also from out of town, evening events may need to be on the itinerary. Ask the sales manager to recommend nearby restaurants when planning the conference and booking the rooms. The restaurants will most likely have menus posted online or can fax one upon request. Choose restaurants with menus that offer a variety of choices to satisfy every appetite.

Give guests a break before dinner so they can wind down after a long day of meetings. This gives them the chance to respond to emails, answer calls, check on the kids and to relax. Don’t keep guests out too late, especially if the conference continues the next day.

After the Meeting

After the meeting or conference is over, send a thank you note to the sales manager who planned the event. If appropriate, send a note to each of the meeting attendees thanking them for their time as well. Follow-up on any issues or unanswered questions that arose during the meeting and that weren’t resolved before leaving for home.


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