Creative Herb Garden Ideas

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Are you trying to go organic? Or do you want your own garden? Well, whatever it is, we have the solution for you to cover both the needs in the form of a ”Herb Garden”. The herb garden ideas will be your health booster, along with being a beautifying addition to your home. The herb garden plants have medicinal properties, which makes it one of the best things you can do as your gardening hobby. 

What is more interesting about the herb garden ideas is that you can implement them according to your choice. You can even have a herb garden in recycled bottles or an empty container. 

In the article, we will talk about some of the best herb garden ideas which you can try for your own medicinal garden. These ideas include all the information which you may need to create your own herb gardens like DIY projects, container garden, and more.

Now let’s begin our journey of herb garden ideas for the sake of a healthy organic lifestyle. 

Herb Potting

If you don’t have enough space, then this one of the best herb garden ideas you can try. In this idea, you can plant your herbal plants in terracotta pots that don’t require much space. 

This idea is also a wallet-friendly option as in it, you don’t need much, and the pots are easily available in garden or hardware stores at minimum cost. What is more amazing about this idea is that you can keep the pots indoors or outdoors wherever you like; just remember that the place has sufficient sunlight. This makes it one of the most versatile and budget herb garden ideas. 

The pots’ versatility in this garden idea lets you adjust and change the place of your plants according to climate and needs. 

Raising Herbs

The idea of raising a garden is an outdoor idea which you can go for if you have space. This idea is both extravagant and simple, depending on your choice, making it one of the most amazing herb garden ideas. The planter walls in this garden can be built using old planks or recycled wood, thus reducing the need for any market product. 

If you want something fancy and don’t like the rustic look, you can go for fences that are easily available in the garden and stores. After you have the wood or fencing, put them in place, and fill the middle with sand and manure to get your raised garden bed. Now plant your herb plants but remember to leave space between the plants and also label them to avoid confusion.

Recycle And Reuse

Repurposing the jars and bottles to create a sustainable herb garden is one of the best herb garden ideas. This herb garden type looks amazing when the jars are immaculately kept in a row with plants in them. What great about this idea is that it is also a very wallet-friendly idea which you can try if you are on a budget.

This herb garden idea is also great if you have a problem with space as you can even keep these jars in the window. This makes this one of the best herb garden ideas you can try in the budget, and it is also an environmentally friendly option in addition to being a DIY idea. 

Twister Garden

Not every plant likes direct sun or shade; thus, the spiral herb garden is what comes as a savior. You can plant the herbs in a spiral manner, which helps ensure that every plant gets optimum conditions for growth like shade or sunlight. 

What makes this idea one of the best herb garden ideas is that you don’t need any special arrangements in it. All you need to do is create a raised spiral planter and plant the herbs that need direct sunlight at the top with those who need shade in the lower portions. It will also let you solve your watering problem as plant the herbs that need more water at the bottom as it is where the water from the top is going to run down to. 

The herbs that need less water can be planted at the top, thus providing them with proper drainage. This garden not only acts as a medicinal supply hub but also as a centerpiece in your garden or backyard. These amazing things about twister gardens make it one of the best herb garden ideas you can implement. 

Portable Planter

The most interesting thing about the herb garden ideas is that you can create them in practically any hollow thing. The idea of a portable planter includes using some oversized buckets for planting your herbs. This will let you easily shift your garden according to need and give it an industrial look. 

If you don’t have the buckets, you can virtually use anything from old watering cans to even ice cream tubs. When trying out this idea, one thing to remember is to make a hole in the bottom of the container to ensure that the plants don’t get waterlogged. 

If you have a large container available, you can plant multiple herbs in a single container to make watering and moving easy. All these things about this idea make it one of the best herb garden ideas you can try on the budget as it is a DIY project. 

Basket Case 

Herb gardens not only provide you with organic medicinal plants but also add to your home’s beauty. They also help and provide you with clean air. To try this idea, plant your favorite herb in a plastic or waterproof container. Now put the container in a basket as an outer cover and place the container in your kitchen or dining area. This will not only help you beautify your indoors but also help you purify the air.

The best choice for this purpose can be a woven basket to give a more traditional and homely look. You can also try old wooden wine boxes for adding a rustic touch to your indoor. What makes this one of the best herb garden ideas is that you can experiment with the outer containers according to your wish and make a fancy garden. 

Stand Out

If you want something different, then this is one of the best herb garden ideas you can implement to create a garden. What’sWhat’s more amazing about this is that you don’t need anything from the market, and you can plant the herbs in containers you already own. The mismatched pots in this herb garden idea will not only make it look attractive but will also give a vibrant look to your kitchen or backyard.

In this herb garden idea, the different sizes and styles will lend a heterogeneous look that you can personalize according to your taste. You can also arrange the pots in a slapdash manner to give it a more casual feel to the herb garden. 

Healthy Shelf-Y Herbs

The idea of a shelf herb garden is great if you have limited space in your backyard. What makes this one of the best herb garden ideas is that you can virtually hang the shelf anywhere from the wall to a wooden fence. This will help you create more space for other plants or flower pots. 

The shelf you use in this idea can be homemade or get it directly from the store. There are purpose made shelves available in the market for gardens. For making your own shelf, you will need some wooden plans and metal brackets to hold the planks together. 

One thing to remember is that if you make your own shelf, then always treat the wooden prior to use. This will increase the shelf life and protect it from termites and other natural elements. After hanging or placing the shelf, simply put the herb plants in pots and line them up on the shelf. These things about this idea make it one of the best herb garden ideas that are DIY and budget-friendly, along with being environmentally friendly. 

Rooftop Garden

You can try this idea if you live in an apartment where you don’t have a backyard. In this idea, after obtaining the necessary permissions from the building society, you can create your own herb garden. You can also create a rooftop vegetable garden if you have enough space. It is one of the best herb garden ideas for people who live in concrete jungles. 

You can use containers, pots, or any recycled hollow thing that is waterproof and can hold the plant and sand weight. 


These are some of the best herb garden ideas which you can try for your own healthy medicinal garden. In the article, you will find something to suit everyone, whether you live in an apartment or an open area. 

The herb garden ideas in the article will help conceptualize your own health supplier garden, which will also help your breathe better quality air.

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