Crypto-Related Stocks Drop as Bitcoin Slumps Again

Crypto-Related Stocks Drop as Bitcoin Slumps Again - Special Report Ne ...
Crypto-Related Stocks Drop as Bitcoin Slumps Again

Shares in crypto-related companies fell significantly in premarket trading on Friday as Bitcoin continued its downward trend for the fourth consecutive session. This article explores the impact of Bitcoin’s slump on various cryptocurrency stocks and the broader market.

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Bitcoin’s Decline

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, dropped 6.5% to $54,450.0 by 04:01 ET, reaching its lowest point since February. It initially fell below $54,000 before briefly recovering. This decline has caused substantial disruptions in the crypto market, affecting related stocks and overall investor sentiment.

Impact on Crypto-Related Stocks

The sharp decline in Bitcoin has sent cryptocurrency stocks tumbling. Here’s a detailed look at how some major crypto-related stocks have been affected:

  • MicroStrategy Incorporated (NASDAQ: MSTR): Shares plummeted more than 9%. MicroStrategy is the largest publicly listed corporate holder of Bitcoin, making it highly sensitive to Bitcoin’s price fluctuations.
  • Riot Platforms (NASDAQ: RIOT): Experienced a 7.4% drop. Riot is one of the leading Bitcoin mining companies.
  • Marathon Digital (NASDAQ: MARA): Shares fell by 8.8%. Marathon is another significant player in the Bitcoin mining sector.
  • CleanSpark (NASDAQ: CLSK): Dropped over 8%.
  • Cipher Mining (NASDAQ: CIFR): Fell by 9%.
  • Coinbase (NASDAQ: COIN): Lost 6.6%.
Percentage Drop in Crypto Related Stocks
Percentage Drop in Crypto Related Stocks

Factors Contributing to the Decline

Mt. Gox Repayments

The decline in Bitcoin follows a significant movement by Mt. Gox, the defunct crypto exchange that was once the world’s largest. At 00:27 UTC, Mt. Gox transferred 47,228 BTC, worth $2.6 billion, from cold storage to a new wallet. This move is likely in preparation for creditor repayments, which has spooked the market.


This transfer led to over $580 million in liquidations tied to long positions, marking one of the largest such events this year. Bullish bets on Bitcoin and Ether together suffered losses exceeding $380 million.

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Broader Crypto Market Impact

The broader cryptocurrency market also experienced significant declines:

  • Ethereum: Plunged nearly 10%.
  • Cardano: Dipped as much as 16%.
  • XRP: Tumbled 11.5%.

Analysis of RIOT Stock

The 2024 stock market has been volatile, with conflicting analyses and opinions. For investors looking at Riot Platforms (RIOT), understanding its fair value can be challenging. Advanced tools using AI and machine learning can help predict the stock’s performance compared to main indices like the S&P 500.

These tools assess the confidence level of predictions and estimate potential downside risk, cutting through market noise to deliver a clearer picture of the stock’s fair value.


Bitcoin’s recent slump has had a cascading effect on the entire cryptocurrency market, significantly impacting crypto-related stocks. The movement of assets by Mt. Gox and subsequent liquidations have amplified these effects, causing widespread concern among investors.

As the market continues to navigate these challenges, advanced predictive tools and a clear understanding of stock fundamentals will be crucial for making informed investment decisions.

People May Ask

Why did Bitcoin drop recently?

Bitcoin dropped due to significant asset movements by Mt. Gox and subsequent large-scale liquidations.

How much did Bitcoin drop by?

Bitcoin fell by 6.5% to $54,450.0, its lowest point since February.

Which crypto-related stocks were affected?

Stocks like MicroStrategy, Riot Platforms, Marathon Digital, CleanSpark, Cipher Mining, and Coinbase saw significant declines.

What caused the drop in crypto-related stocks?

The drop was primarily due to Bitcoin’s decline, which affected market sentiment and led to large-scale liquidations.

What was the impact on Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies?

Ethereum plunged nearly 10%, Cardano dipped by 16%, and XRP tumbled 11.5%.

How significant were the liquidations?

Over $580 million in liquidations tied to long positions occurred, marking one of the largest events this year.

What is the significance of the Mt. Gox repayments?

Mt. Gox’s asset movements are likely in preparation for creditor repayments, causing uncertainty and panic in the market.

How can investors assess the fair value of RIOT stock?

Advanced AI and machine learning tools can predict stock performance and assess potential risks, providing a clearer picture of RIOT’s fair value.

What is the outlook for the crypto market?

The market remains volatile, and advanced tools and fundamental analysis are crucial for making informed investment decisions.

What should investors do in this volatile market?

Investors should stay informed, use advanced predictive tools, and focus on long-term fundamentals to navigate the market’s volatility.

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