Designing Homes with Pets in Mind

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As the concept of “barkitecture” gains traction worldwide, the idea of designing a pet-friendly home is becoming increasingly popular in India as well. Pets aren’t just animals; they’re cherished members of the family, deserving of their own space in our homes. From flooring choices to cozy corners and safety measures, here are some tips to design a home that accommodates your furry friends without sacrificing style or safety.

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Choose Pet-Friendly Flooring

Opt for non-slip flooring materials like tiles or scratch-resistant options such as laminate or hardwood with a strong finish. Smooth marble and easily scratched hardwood floors should be avoided to ensure your pet’s comfort and safety.

Create Cozy Corners

Design custom dens or cozy corners for your pets using under-stair spaces or unused rooms. Invest in a good-quality pet bed and place it in a spot where your pet can feel secure yet still be part of the family.

Select Fur-Free Fabrics and Furnishings

Choose fabrics that are stain-resistant and easy to clean, such as crypton, microfiber, or leather. Avoid materials like suede or velvet that attract pet hair and opt for patterns or textures that help camouflage stains and scratches.

Tread Carefully with Carpets

While rugs and carpets can add warmth to a room, they can also harbor allergens and pests. If you choose to use carpets, opt for darker colors and regularly vacuum to keep them clean.

Choose Pet-Friendly Furniture and Décor

Consider multifunctional furniture with built-in pet beds or storage compartments. Select sturdy pieces that won’t topple easily and avoid fragile items that could be damaged by your pet’s playful antics.

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Install Special Features

Install perches near windows for cats or dedicated dog rooms for your canine companions. Door flaps and pet gates can help manage your pet’s movement while keeping them safe indoors.

Prioritize Safety

Install grills around windows and balconies, conceal electrical cords, and keep toxic plants out of reach. Choose furniture with rounded edges and keep fragile items stored safely away.

Organize Utility Spaces

Optimize storage spaces under staircases for pet supplies and create designated feeding stations with spill-proof bowls. Designate a grooming area in the laundry room and provide vertical spaces for cats to climb and play.

Finish with Care

Choose pet-proof materials like water-repellent nanotechnology or durable wallpapers. Use sealant coatings and wipeable paints to protect surfaces from scratches and stains while ensuring they’re safe for your pets.

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By following these tips, you can design a home that caters to both your style preferences and your pet’s needs, creating a harmonious living space for the whole family to enjoy.


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