Essential Nutrition Tips for Ramadan 2024

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As Ramadan approaches, Muslims worldwide prepare for a month of fasting, or ‘Roza,’ as a gesture of devotion to Allah and solidarity with those in need. During this time, it’s crucial to nourish the body wisely, especially after long hours of fasting. Renowned nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar recently shared three valuable food tips for Ramadan 2024, aiming to help individuals maintain their energy levels and stay healthy throughout the holy month.

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Start the Day Right

For the pre-dawn meal, known as ‘Sehri,’ Rujuta Diwekar recommends a combination of milk and fruit or a refreshing fruit milkshake. Milk keeps thirst at bay, while fruits aid digestion, making it an ideal choice to kickstart your day during Ramadan.

Break the Fast Wisely

After a day of fasting, it’s essential to break your fast mindfully. Rujuta suggests beginning with yogurt and dates, a traditional combination that helps cool the body and prevents overeating later. Whether consumed together or separately, yogurt and dates make for a nutritious and soothing way to end your fast.

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Maintain Smooth Digestion

Extended fasting periods can impact digestion, but Rujuta offers solutions to keep it smooth. Incorporating jaggery with ghee or enjoying a whole banana can prevent issues like constipation and gas. Additionally, indulging in an Aliv or Garden Cress seed laddoo can boost energy levels for the following day, ensuring a healthy and vibrant Ramadan journey.

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As Muslims embark on their spiritual journey during Ramadan, these expert-recommended food tips from Rujuta Diwekar serve as valuable guidance to nourish the body and soul throughout this sacred month.


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