Feebee AU Launches Sustainable Shopping Initiative on World Earth Day

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Shopping online just got a whole lot greener with Feebee AU! On World Earth Day, FIRSTWEB LIMITED, an e-commerce solutions provider, unveiled the first phase of the “Feebee Online Shopping Service Ecosystem” in Australia. This ecosystem features the product search engine “Feebee AU,” making it easier for Aussie shoppers to find product info and prices.

Feebee AU Launches Sustainable Shopping Initiative on World Earth Day

Feebee AU has already teamed up with over 500 e-commerce platforms, including big names like eBay, Amazon, Farfetch, and ASOS. With access to over 50 million products, finding what you need is a breeze!

But that’s not all. Feebee AU is taking things a step further by introducing the “Green Product Collections” section later this year. This section will showcase sustainable options across fashion, beauty, and home & kitchen retail sectors.

Why the focus on sustainability? Well, it turns out that Aussie shoppers are all about making eco-friendly choices. Statista’s research shows that more than half of Australian consumers prioritize sustainable fashion. However, there’s also concern about the credibility of green claims made by companies.

That’s where Feebee AU comes in. By curating a dedicated sustainable shopping section, Feebee AU aims to provide shoppers with certified sustainable products while also addressing concerns about greenwashing.

In addition to promoting sustainability, Feebee AU is also rolling out new features like browser extensions to help shoppers find affordable options in the face of inflation and climate emergencies.

So, if you’re looking to shop smarter and greener, Feebee AU has got you covered. Keep an eye out for the “Green Product Collections” section launching in Q3 2024 and start making a positive impact with your shopping choices!


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